Account Management

From Luleå Academic Computer Society

This page explains how to manage the basics of your account

Changing your password

Change your password by logging into mother ( See Connecting to LUDD's servers) and issuing the following command:

passwd -r nis

You will be prompted for your old password, and asked to confirm your new one.

Changing your shell

On mother ( See Connecting to LUDD's servers), run:

passwd -r nis -e

You need to verify with your password, and then enter the full path to your new shell. Valid shells are listed in /etc/shells

Forwarding your mail

Log in to any of our servers ( See Connecting to LUDD's servers) and run the following commands:

cd ~
echo "[mail-address]" > .forward

where [mail-address] is the mailaddress you want to forward TO.

For example, if I want to forward mail to the address, I would have run

cd ~
echo "" > .forward
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