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Here follows a collection of common configuration tidbits.



If you are not situated on the campus network, please, please, consider using SFTP instead! In order to do so, check out the SSH article.

Since FTP clients are numerous these days, no recommendations are given on this page. Google is your friend.

Simply connect to:

not The latter is maintained by the administrators and mainly used for mirroring software.


The easiest way to access LuddKOM is to be a member of ludd and SSH to and run rkom. However there might be slight coding issues until set up correctly. Another easy (but maybe not so orthodox) way of accessing the LuddKOM system is by using the windows client SharpKOM.

There are a bunch of other clients out there (check LysKOM's site for some examples), so find the one that suit you the best.

The url to connect to is usually listed inside the client. But if it for some reason is not: The address is



Our POP3 server is located at

port 110

Our IMAP server is located at

port 143. It can also be accessed through SSL, port 993.

Our SMTP server is located at

port 25. Due to (potential?) external abuse, our SMTP server currently only accepts connections from 130.240.*.* . If you are situated outside this range, you have to tunnel the connection through SSH or access it through SSL (port 465).

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