List | I | Information Society | 'Hack' CD 1990
'Warning: This Is Not Art!'

Track: Name: Time:
1.0. Seek 200 3:06
2.0. How Long 4:05
3.0. Think 4:41
3.1. Wenn Wellen Schwingen 0:25
4.0. A Knife And A Fork 2:59
4.1. R.I.P. 0:20
5.0. Now That I Have You 5:03
6.0. Fire Tonight 5:39
7.0. Can't Slow Down 4:42
7.1. T.V. Addicts 0:31
8.0. Hard Currency 2:33
9.0. Move Out 3:57
9.1. CP Drill KKL 0:36
10.0. Mirrorshades 5:28
10.1. We Don't Take 0:08
11.0. Hack 1 3:21
11.1. Charlie X 0:09
12.0. If Only 4:05
13.0. Come With Me 4:22
14.0. Slipping Away 3:57
14.1. Here Is Kazmeyer 0:14
15.0. Chemistry 2:13
  Total 62:38

This is a bit more experimental than the previous album, and generally a bit funkier as well. More samples and weird sounds, and some in-between-songs sounds and samples (like 3.1, for instance, after the song 3.0). 'How Long' and 'Move Out' are pretty much the same style as before (only a bit more cheerful), 'Think' and 'Now That I Have You' are too but with more of a hip-hop beat ('Think' being the most obvious hit of the album). 'Seek 200' and 'Hard Currency' are a bit harder, instrumental tracks with lots of samples. 'Mirrorshades' and 'If Only' are slow, and a bit off the 'normal' sound of InSoc, but still very good IMHO. 'Hack 1' and 'A Knife And A Fork' are more of a sample mania, with everything from children's songs to James Brown and Kraftwerk. Not too unlike the Chemical Brothers six years later.
All in all, a rather diverse and interesting album, with several different styles of synthetic music. And they use their Roland D-110 a heck of a lot better than I use mine.