List | W | Whale | 'Hobo Humpin Slobo Babe' CDM 1993

Track: Name: Time:
1. Hobo Humpin' Slobo Babe 4:01
2. Lips 5:03
3. Eye 8 4 2 4:25
  Total 13:30

When this was released, Whale was only a three-piece project of Swedish comedian Henrik Schyffert, TV host Cia Soro and one actual musician. Schyffert had previously made some funny cover attempts on the Glenn Killing show (a fake talent/talk show which he hosted as Glenn, with intensely funny comedian Robert Gustafsson as the various odd guests and Johan Rheborg as the producer-wannabe Percy Nilegård), so this wasn't his first stab at making music. He has also worked on Swedish radio followed by a few years as a producer at MTV Europe. Cia Soro (previously Berg) used to host a weekly popvideo show on Swedish TV called Bagen in the mid-80:s, and was also in a fun little band called Ubangi that spawned the solo career of one of the biggest Swedish popstars, Orup. I think, but I'm not sure, that comedian Måns Herngren was also in that band.
As I understand it, Whale started off as a joke, making a fun little rock track just for a laugh, but it did unexpectedly well. Once it took off and started selling heaps they eventually made a real band of it, adding some more people who could actually play.
This track alternates between a verse built on a funky bassline with Cia's out-of-tune female vocals on top and an aggro male shouting hardcore-style rock chorus. I find it very hard to take seriously, especially since I know of their previous work, but it's still a good track.